Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Herbivore Cookbook Testing: Our Favorites

You'll recall that in November I told you that I'd been testing recipes for the upcoming Happy Herbivore Cookbook. The deadline is drawing near and the recipe testing is sadly winding down. I've been so spoiled over the last few months. It took next to no effort to plan my weekly menus, just checkout what The Happy Herbivore had been up to and add it to my grocery list. Even better, it took next to no effort to prepare my nightly meals. Lindsay's recipes are quick and easy to prepare, use ingredients that you can readily fin in any well stocked pantry, and are all whole wheat and mostly fat-free to boot.

The book will be out in late 2010 or early 2011 and I STRONGLY suggest that you buy it! This will book is filled with recipes that are sure to become your "go-to" recipes. While we simply loved every recipe I tested, below are a few of our standout favorites:

Tofu Egg and Cheeze Sandwich

This Tofu Egg will be ready in minutes. Delicious eaten on it's own, folded over some sauteed vegetables as an omelet, or on a whole wheat bagel with a slice of cheeze.

Banana French Toast

This ingenious french toast recipe comes together almost instantly without the use of any obscure flours that you might not have on hand. A delicious and filling breakfast, even on the mornings when you're running behind.

Cheeze Pizza

This quick, melty cheeze sauce will allow you to fix a pizza anytime the craving hits. These personal sized pizzas also make a quick and delicious lunch for your children.

Gandhi Bowl

You'll be able to throw this exciting and delicious meal together even if you haven't been to the store recently. Made with all pantry and freezer staples, it's delicious and heartwarming.

Low Fat Chocolate Cupcakes

You will never miss the fat. These cupcakes aren't only low fat, they are also whole wheat. These have become a frequent dessert around here. I feel no guilt at all when I serve these beautiful cupcakes.

Chicky Seitan

This Chicken Seitan is so easy to make, and turns out perfect every time. It is so versatile too. The Happy Herbivore provides you with a few options for using this "chicken", but it works in any recipe that you would use chicken in. It has quickly become a staple in our home

Chicken Parmesan and Quickie Marinara

Just one of the variations using the above mentioned seitan. This Chicken Parm is so authentic, even your harshest Italian critics will love it. This beautifully breaded and baked seitan cutlet is covered with the simple yet delicious Quickie Marinara.

The Ultimate Dip

It's too bad you won't have the cookbook in time for this year's Super Bowl. This is party food at it's finest. Seven layers of low-fat or fat-free goodness. Included in this dip are no less than 4 of the recipes found in the book: Bac'n bits, homemade sour cream, Nacho Cheeze sauce, and the Happy Herbivore's very own low fat guacamole. I dare you to find an omnivore that doesn't LOVE this dish!!

Chickpeas and Dumplings

Comfort food at it's finest. This is with out a doubt the best "chicken" and dumplings I have ever eaten. What makes it so phenomenal is the delicious broth made from scratch with HH's Mock Chick'n Broth Powder. Be ready to be amazed.

Egg-Nog Pancakes

Pancakes are breakfast here every Sunday. I've tried lost of recipes for pancakes, and this is my absolute favorite ever. I love the warm comfort of the spices. And best of all, these babies are Whole Wheat and Fat Free.

Wendy's Style Chili

I can't say for sure if this actually tastes like Wendy's chili, as it's probably been a good 10 years or so since I've had it. What I can say is that this chili won over my chili ambivalent husband. He's never been much of a chili lover, and this one knocked his socks off. The secret ingredient in this phenomenal chili is going to leave you saying "genius"!

Skyline Chili

Unlike the Wendy's Chili, I can say for sure that this tastes exactly like Skyline Chili. Exactly! You'll even be schooled on the various ways you can eat this chili. If you are a fan of Skyline you won't want to miss this healthy, fat free vegan version.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Soft, moist and chewy. The only thing missing from these classic cookies is the fat. Your children are sure to think you are the best mom around when you serve these as an after school snack with a glass of soy milk. You won't even feel a tinge of guilt!

Charleston Red Rice with Rustic Yam Fries

You won't believe how easy this rice and fries are to make. I threw them both together as a quick and filling lunch in just a matter of minutes without needing to buy any special ingredients at all.

Sloppy Joes and Onion Rings.

You've probably tried a thousand veggie Joe recipes, but never one as quick and easy as this!! The real star here are those fat free vegan onion rings you see. Just as delicious as the greasy pub variety minus the fat!!

Maple Kissed Sweet Potato Muffins

You'll never know these are fat free and whole wheat. These muffins became a quick favorite of my kids. A totally sweet yet guiltless breakfast!

I am sure that you will enjoy each and every one of the nearly 200 recipes in this book. Keep your eyes peeled to The Happy Herbivore website for the latest news on the cookbooks release.......or better yet, sign up for her newsletter for the most up to date info, and maybe even a teaser recipe or two.


  1. I've been reading the Happy Herbivore blog for a long time, and I've always loved the recipes. All these recipes look great! I can't wait for the cookbook.

  2. im drooling all over the place. best post ever!

  3. What an excellent representation of how awesome this recipes are and this cookbook is going to be!

  4. Testing has been a total joy! I'm so grateful to Lindsay for making that chickpeas and dumplings recipe for me--I have great memories of the non-vegan original. Lindsay's version is much better! This process has definitely schooled me on how effortless it is to cook mind-blowing vegan food. I'm not an official vegan but really rarely eat otherwise anymore! THAT'S a major testament. :)

  5. I foresee myself buying that cookbook and perhaps a few more copies for my friends and family! They all look good but the Gandhi Bowl jumped out at me instantly :)

  6. Eeeeeexcellent post :) You demonstrated perfectly (and droolworthily--it's a word, ok?) what a joy it is to test and eat Lindsay's recipes. Yay :)

  7. I got this book, too! I will be making recipes from it and reviewing them on my blog!